CADASIL Association

P.O. Box 124

Helmetta, NJ 08828

Phone messages: 307-215-9840

CADASIL Association

P.O. Box 124

Helmetta, NJ 08828

Phone messages: 307-215-9840


P.O. Box 124

Helmetta, NJ 08828

Phone messages: 307-215-9840

Do you wish to connect face-to-face with others in the CADASIL community who live in your geographical area?

Would you like to attend a CADASIL conference but cannot commit to traveling outside your region of the world?

Have you heard about CADASIL Meet-Ups around the world and yearn to take part in one yourself?





Who: Anyone in the global CADASIL community


What: CureCADASIL Association Regional Mini-Conferences


When: To be determined by you!


Where: To be determined by you!


Why: Meet with others who understand what it's like to be a CADASIL patient, caregiver, at-risk family member, friend, or someone else touched by this rare genetic disease. Share information. Learn from special guest speakers in your local medical and/or professional community. Make new friends and support one another.


How: Keep reading!


Each event can be customized to reflect the volunteer event planner's vision of a get-together within CureCADASIL Association's guidelines, mission, and goals. Any costs involved in having the event will be covered by a small registration fee to be paid by each attendee. We anticipate this to be approximately $20-$30 USD per person. The event chairperson's fee will be waived. If more than one person shares the workload to make the event successful and manageable, the registration fee for up to three additional volunteers will be reduced to 50% of the agreed-upon cost.


Interested? Please contact us through the form below.







YOU are invited!

We can help make such an experience happen for you!


CADASIL Mini-Conferences

We are all unpaid volunteers

at CureCADASIL Association.

Please be patient with us until

we get in touch with you.

Thank you!

Your responsibilities as a volunteer event planner include:


- Agreeing to a one-year committment as a mini-conference chairperson

 that will start approximately one year before the event date and finish at

 the end of your event

- Choosing a date(s) for your mini-conference

- Finding a venue for the mini-conference at your chosen location

- Contacting local caterers and/or other services as needed in your area

- Inviting local medical professionals and/or others as guest speakers

- Having equipment available to show one or more videos that the

 association can provide

- Sharing information that the association will provide, which may include

 Power Point presentations, brochures, business cards, etc.

- Encouraging attendees to get the word out about CADASIL during

 CADASIL Awareness Day annually on November 16th

- Announcing your mini-conference online and in other formats with the

 association's assistance

- Staying in contact with the association during the year-long process

- Following guidelines as provided by the association to make your event  

 successful and consistent with other similar events, while allowing you to

 be creative in organizing an event unique to your region in the world

- Becoming a member of the association if you have not yet joined

- Completing a volunteer application provided by the association


Responsibilities of CureCADASIL Association include:


- Providing each mini-conference chairperson with additional assistance,

 guidelines, and helpful tips on organizing the regional event

- Providing materials to share

- Providing contact information for medical professionals, CADASIL  

 patient families (who have given us permission to share their info), and

 other people and/or organizations to include in your event

- Providing forms, online registrations, etc


Think you can do it?

We KNOW you can, with our help!



Please fill out the form on the right and a CureCADASIL/CADASIL Association Trustee will contact you.




cureCADASIL Association


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Phone messages: 307-215-9840